News / New Arrivals - September - October 2013

Lots of new (and used) arrivals since the last post - for both punk and metal; here is a belated list for some of the items that have come in.

ALSO - More new arrivals in today - list to come (hopefully later today)


Adolescents - S/T LP
Antediluvian – Through the Cervix of Hawaah LP/Book
Antediluvian – Logos LP
Antediluvian / Adversarial Split LP
Baroness - First and Second LP
Bastard – Wind of Pain LP
Behind Enemy Lines – Know Your Enemy LP
Blitz – All Out Attack 7” EP
Chaos UK – Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes LP
Christian Death - Only A Theater of Pain LP
Circle Jerks - Group Sex
Cock Sparrer – True Grit LP
Cock Sparrer – Shock Troops LP
Cock Sparrer – Running Riot in '84 / Live and Loud Double LP
Conflict – The Ungovernable Force LP
Conqueror – War.Cult.Supremacy Double LP
Converge – No Heroes LP
Converge – Unloved and Weeded Out LP
Damaar – Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege 12” MLP
Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us a Fetus LP
Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls 12" EP
Discharge – Decontrol 7” EP
Discharge – Fight Back 7” EP
Disorder – Vioent World / More Noize LP
Disrupt – S/T LP (warcollapse and sauna split material)
DOA - Hardcore '81 LP
Doom – Doomed Again Double LP
Doom – Reasonable Force 12” EP
Dropdead / Converge Split 7” EP
Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh Split 7 EP
Embrace of Thorns – Praying For Absolution Double LP
Extinction Of Mankind – Northern Scum LP
Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK Split LP
Framtid – Defeat of Civilization LP
Framtid – Under the Ashes LP
From Ashes Rise / Victims Split LP
From Ashes Rise - Nightmares LP
Guided Cradle – System Survivors LP
Hellbastard – Ripper Crust (demos) LP
Hellbastard - Sons of Bitches LP
Hellkrusher – Recorded Works 1993 – 1994 LP
Heresy – 1985-1987 LP
Heresy – 20 Reasons to End it All LP
Heresy – Face Up To It! LP
Impiety – Vengeance Hell Immemorial LP
Infernoh – 7 Spar 12” EP
Isterismo – Follia Verso L'interno LP
Kerasphorous – Necronaut LP
Man Is The Bastard – Thoughtless LP
Man Is The Bastard / Bleeding Rectum Split LP
Midnight – Satanic Royalty LP
Midnight – Complete and Total Hell Double LP
Misery – From Where the Sun Never Shines Double LP
Morbosidad – Muerte de Cristo en Golgota LP
Morbosidad – Profana La Cruz.. LP
Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust Split LP
Municipal Waste - Waste 'em All LP
No Means No - Wrong 2LP
No Means No - Mama 2LP
Nux Vomica – A Civilized World LP
Orchid – Chaos Is Me LP
Orchid – Gatefold LP
Panopticon / Vestiges Split LP
Partisans – Police Story 7” EP
PLF - Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter LP
Pointed Sticks – What do You Want 7” EP
Poison Idea – Fatal Erection Years 1983-1986 LP
Poison Idea - Kings of Punk LP
Propagandhi - How to Clean Everything LP
Revenge – Scum.Collapse.Eradication Picture LP (hardbound case and flag)
Rudimentary Peni - Pope Adrian 37th... LP w/ art book
Satanic Threat – Into Hell LP
Siege - S/T LP
Sodom - Witchhunter Decade 2LP
Sodom - Epitome of Torture 2LP
Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material LP
Submission Hold – Sackcloth and Ashes LP
Suicidal Tendencies - S/T LP
Tragedy – Darker Days Ahead LP
Truncheons – Stuck on the Block 7” EP


At the Gates – The Flames of the End 3xDVD set
Conqueror – War.Cult.Supremacy
Deicide – Scars of the Crucifix CD/DVD
Impiety – The Impious Crusade
Midnight – Complete and Total Hell
Perversor – Cult of Destruction
Perversor – Demon Metal
Perversor – The Shadow of Abomination

Also lots of original press CD's and used items to check out, lots of classic albums for cheap.


Oi Polloi – Its Not the Monkey cassette
Agathocles / Brutal Truth Split cassette
Adelitas – Llama Viva De La Rabia cassette
Born Against – The Rebel Sounds cassette
Snakepit Magazine #21 & EP (Oblivion – Quest For Power 7” EP)
Maximum Rock and Roll zine #364 (September 2013)
All available issues of Short, Fast, Loud mag

plus a huge pile of used mags also, which will be going out today.


A few more used (mostly size L) shirts last week;
embrace of thorns
order from chaos
napalm death

And we brought down the last pairs of military/combat boots from our old shop - most are sized 9.5 - 11 (military sizing fits larger also). Boots are 20.00/pair

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