New Arrivals - Wednesday October 16th 2013

New arrivals in today;


New albums from Gorguts, Satyricon and Carcass;

Satyricon - S/T CD. Modern metal from Norwegian veterans, 2013
Gorguts - Colored Sands CD. Quebec technical death, 2013
Carcass - Surgical Steel CD. UK death legends new album, 2013
Witchmaster - S/T CD. thrashing black metal from Poland, 2004
Immortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism CD. classic black metal debut, 1992
Immortal - At the Heart of Winter CD. the beginning of the 'arena-rock black metal era' of Immortal's catalog, 1999
Diocletian - Annihilation Rituals CD. compilation of demo, splits and out of print material from New Zealand black death act.
Sadistik Exekution - K.A.O.S. CD. Aussie death/black/thrash on Osmose. 2nd album from 1997
Sadistik Exekution - Fukk CD. Aussie black/death/thrash, 2002
Impaled Nazarene - Pro Patria Finlandia digi CD. Finland's satanic nuclear black goat metal legion, 2006.


MARDUK - Those of the Unlight LP. 2013 reissue on Osmose (with closer to original cover art), gatefold, black vinyl. Swedish black metal. Second album from the Marduk legion, originally released October 1993.

MARDUK - Opus Nocturne LP. Gatefold, black vinyl edition on Osmose Prod. Cover artwork also more like the original press, same cover art, but much darker. Originally released 1994.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - Doomsday for the Deceiver 2xLP reissue. remastered edition of Arizona thrash classic, originally released 1986. This release includes bonus demo and live material.

BLACK BREATH - Sentenced to Life LP. Seattle death/thrash/crust on Southern Lord, 2012.

TAAKE - Nattestid Ser Porten Bid LP. Peaceville reissue of Taake's debut from 1999. Norwegian black metal.

SKELETONWITCH - Breathing the Fire LP. Ohio thrash metal on Prosthetic Records, 2009.

SLEEP - Dopesmoker 2LP. Southern Lord reissue with 2 bonus tracks on side D, heavy gatefold packaging. 'Indica' coloured vinyl ltd to 2600 copies. Originally released 2003, quickly becoming a stoner/doom staple.

more to come

News / New Arrivals - September - October 2013

Lots of new (and used) arrivals since the last post - for both punk and metal; here is a belated list for some of the items that have come in.

ALSO - More new arrivals in today - list to come (hopefully later today)


Adolescents - S/T LP
Antediluvian – Through the Cervix of Hawaah LP/Book
Antediluvian – Logos LP
Antediluvian / Adversarial Split LP
Baroness - First and Second LP
Bastard – Wind of Pain LP
Behind Enemy Lines – Know Your Enemy LP
Blitz – All Out Attack 7” EP
Chaos UK – Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes LP
Christian Death - Only A Theater of Pain LP
Circle Jerks - Group Sex
Cock Sparrer – True Grit LP
Cock Sparrer – Shock Troops LP
Cock Sparrer – Running Riot in '84 / Live and Loud Double LP
Conflict – The Ungovernable Force LP
Conqueror – War.Cult.Supremacy Double LP
Converge – No Heroes LP
Converge – Unloved and Weeded Out LP
Damaar – Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege 12” MLP
Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us a Fetus LP
Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls 12" EP
Discharge – Decontrol 7” EP
Discharge – Fight Back 7” EP
Disorder – Vioent World / More Noize LP
Disrupt – S/T LP (warcollapse and sauna split material)
DOA - Hardcore '81 LP
Doom – Doomed Again Double LP
Doom – Reasonable Force 12” EP
Dropdead / Converge Split 7” EP
Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh Split 7 EP
Embrace of Thorns – Praying For Absolution Double LP
Extinction Of Mankind – Northern Scum LP
Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK Split LP
Framtid – Defeat of Civilization LP
Framtid – Under the Ashes LP
From Ashes Rise / Victims Split LP
From Ashes Rise - Nightmares LP
Guided Cradle – System Survivors LP
Hellbastard – Ripper Crust (demos) LP
Hellbastard - Sons of Bitches LP
Hellkrusher – Recorded Works 1993 – 1994 LP
Heresy – 1985-1987 LP
Heresy – 20 Reasons to End it All LP
Heresy – Face Up To It! LP
Impiety – Vengeance Hell Immemorial LP
Infernoh – 7 Spar 12” EP
Isterismo – Follia Verso L'interno LP
Kerasphorous – Necronaut LP
Man Is The Bastard – Thoughtless LP
Man Is The Bastard / Bleeding Rectum Split LP
Midnight – Satanic Royalty LP
Midnight – Complete and Total Hell Double LP
Misery – From Where the Sun Never Shines Double LP
Morbosidad – Muerte de Cristo en Golgota LP
Morbosidad – Profana La Cruz.. LP
Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust Split LP
Municipal Waste - Waste 'em All LP
No Means No - Wrong 2LP
No Means No - Mama 2LP
Nux Vomica – A Civilized World LP
Orchid – Chaos Is Me LP
Orchid – Gatefold LP
Panopticon / Vestiges Split LP
Partisans – Police Story 7” EP
PLF - Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter LP
Pointed Sticks – What do You Want 7” EP
Poison Idea – Fatal Erection Years 1983-1986 LP
Poison Idea - Kings of Punk LP
Propagandhi - How to Clean Everything LP
Revenge – Scum.Collapse.Eradication Picture LP (hardbound case and flag)
Rudimentary Peni - Pope Adrian 37th... LP w/ art book
Satanic Threat – Into Hell LP
Siege - S/T LP
Sodom - Witchhunter Decade 2LP
Sodom - Epitome of Torture 2LP
Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material LP
Submission Hold – Sackcloth and Ashes LP
Suicidal Tendencies - S/T LP
Tragedy – Darker Days Ahead LP
Truncheons – Stuck on the Block 7” EP


At the Gates – The Flames of the End 3xDVD set
Conqueror – War.Cult.Supremacy
Deicide – Scars of the Crucifix CD/DVD
Impiety – The Impious Crusade
Midnight – Complete and Total Hell
Perversor – Cult of Destruction
Perversor – Demon Metal
Perversor – The Shadow of Abomination

Also lots of original press CD's and used items to check out, lots of classic albums for cheap.


Oi Polloi – Its Not the Monkey cassette
Agathocles / Brutal Truth Split cassette
Adelitas – Llama Viva De La Rabia cassette
Born Against – The Rebel Sounds cassette
Snakepit Magazine #21 & EP (Oblivion – Quest For Power 7” EP)
Maximum Rock and Roll zine #364 (September 2013)
All available issues of Short, Fast, Loud mag

plus a huge pile of used mags also, which will be going out today.


A few more used (mostly size L) shirts last week;
embrace of thorns
order from chaos
napalm death

And we brought down the last pairs of military/combat boots from our old shop - most are sized 9.5 - 11 (military sizing fits larger also). Boots are 20.00/pair