Black Raven Records Releases and Wholesale

We have added a new page to the blog regarding our releases and wholesale prices. This page includes wholesale pricing and contact information.

BRR-01: Contagium "Self-titled" 7" EP

BRR-02: Iskra "Bureval" Cassette

BRR-03: Shibboleth "Self-titled" Digipack CD

New Arrivals - Asphyx "The Rack" LP

Our copies of the classic death metal album "The Rack" by Asphyx have arrived. Very nice vinyl reissue by Ibex Moon Records (USA). This is their first full-length, originally released by century media in 1991. Not to be missed!


New Pictures no. 2

In other news, halfway done compiling the list of punk, crust and grind LP's - will be coming very soon!


(punk/crust/grind cd's)

New Pictures no. 1

Well, the three year anniversary of Black Raven Record's opening has come and gone, so I figured it's about time to post some newer pictures of the shop. Things are always growing and changing! Thanks to all who have supported us in these first years.