New Arrivals Friday July 13th

New Arrivals on the Shelves - all import metal vinyl with a handful of CDs. Black Metal, Thrash, Death Metal!

Armagedda -Ond Spiritism- Pic. LP
Armagedda -Only true Believers- LP
Ascension -Fire and Faith- Mini LP
Atomic Roar -The Warfare Merchants- LP
Azarath -Blasphemer`s Maledictions- Gatefold LP
Bazooka -Toxic Warriors- LP (ltd.to 100 Copies in green Vinyl!)
Bazooka -Toxic Warriors- LP (ltd.to 150 Copies!)
Belial -Wisdom of Darkness- Gatefold  LP
Blodsrit -The well of light...- LP
Bloodbath -Breeding Death- Mini LP
Bloodthorn -Genocide- LP
BreaKdowN -Time to kill- LP (black vinyl ltd. to 250 Copies)
Bullet -Highway Pirates- Gatefold LP
Cianide -A Descent Into Hell- (+ Demos) Official 3 LP Set
Clandestine Blaze -Falling Monuments- LP
Cruciamentum -Convocation Of Crawling Chaos- Mini LP
Cruciamentum -Engulfed In Desolation- Mini LP
Dead to this World -First strike for spiritual...-Gatefold LP
Dead to this World -Sacrifice- Mini LP
Death Mechanism -Mass Slavery- LP
Denial -Catacombs of the Grotesque- LP
Diabolic Force - March to Calvary- LP (ltd. to 250 Copies)
Diabolic Force -Old school attack- CD
Diocletian -War of all against all- Gatefold LP (+Poster)
Disgrace -1990: Demos+EP- LP
Disma/Winterwolf  Picture Split EP
Drudkh -Estrangement- LP
Drudkh -Eternal Turn Of The Wheel- LP
Drudkh -Handful of Stars- LP
Drudkh -Slavonic Chronicles- 10" Mini LP
Drudkh -Songs of grief and solitude- LP
Evil Madness -Maze of Souls- LP (limited to 111 handnumbered Copies+ A 3 Poster)
Excoriate -...on pestilent Winds...- LP
Excruciate -Mutilation of the Past -/-Hymns of Mortality- Gatefold 2-LP
Excruciate -Passage of Life- LP (red-grey Vinyl)
Farscape -For those who love to kill- CD
Farscape -Killers on the loose- LP (ltd.to 500 Copies)
Funebre -Children of the Scorn- LP
Funebre -Cranial Torment- Demo LP
Gaahlskagg -Erotic Funeral- LP
General Surgery -Corpus In Extremis- LP
Graveyard -Into the mausoleum- LP
Graveyard -The Altar Of Sculpted Skulls- Mini LP
Hate Forest - Nietzscheism- Double LP
Hate Forest -Dead but dreaming- LP
Hate Forest -Temple Forest- LP
Hate Forest -The Curse- LP
Hate Forest -The Gates- LP
Hellias -Revenge of Hellias- LP
Infernal Execrator -Antichrist Execration- Mini LP
Inquisition -Nefarious dismal orations- Gatefold LP+Poster (clear Vinyl  ltd. to 100 Copies)
Intestine Baalism -An Anatomy of the Beast- LP (with Bonustracks ltd. to 250 Copies)
Intestine Baalism -Banquet in the Darkness- CD
Judas Iscariot -Moonlight butchery- Mini CD 2002
Krater -Nocebo- LP
Maim –Deceased to exist- LP (transparent yellow / black splatter Vinyl)
Merciless -The Awakening- Picture LP
MGLA -With Hearts Toward None- LP
Morbid Angel -Covenant- LP
Morbid Angel -Domination- Gatefold LP (in pink colored Vinyl!)
Morbid Macabre -Hell And Damnation- LP
Morbid Upheaval/Voids of Vomit Split lp
Mutiilation -Black Millenium- LP
Mutiilation -Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul- LP
Nehemah -Tomb of Thoughts 1992-2004- 6- LP Box

(Picture from label website)

Old Wainds -Death nord kult- LP
Pest -Desecration- CD
Blodsrit -Hinterland- LP
Pest -In total contempt- CD´05
Pestnebel -In den schwarzen...-/-Der schwarze Tod- Gatefold 2-LP
Puteraeon -The Esoteric Order- Gatefold LP
Sarke -Oldarhian- LP
Satanic Warmaster -Opferblut- LP (clear blue Vinyl!)
Satanic Warmaster -Revelation- Digi MCD
Satanic Warmaster -Revelation- Mini LP
Setherial -Lords of the Nightrealm- Gatefold LP
Sorcery -Bloodchilling tales- CD (with 2 Demos as bonus!)
Sorcery –Unholy Creations- 3x LP Box (with 24 A-5 page Booklet)

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