New Arrivals - March Update

Lots of new arrivals of new and used vinyl this month - and not enough time to sit down at the computer to list them all out! This includes the last post which did not get updated with a list.

Some recent new arrivals from Peaceville worth mentioning;

Limited vinyl Reissues of AURA NOIR's "Deep Tracts of Hell" full-length from 1998

The new compilation of AUTOPSY eps, compilation and unreleased tracks "All Tomorrow's Funerals"; First LP including 5 new tracks (2011), the quickly sold out "The Tomb Within" EP (2010), and the "Horrific Obsession" Single (2008)with the second LP in the set including the classic EPs "Fiend for Blood" (1991) and "Retribution for the Dead" (1990).

Vinyl Reissue of ISENGARD's "Vinterskugge" on 2 LPs
The following is a description from the Peaceville website:
"Isengard was the solo-project started in 1989 by Fenriz - one the key driving forces behind Norwegian legends Darkthrone - because he had many musical ideas to explore that didn't strictly fit in with the style and music of Darkthrone. Under the Isengard moniker, Fenriz released 2 albums, "Vinterskugge" & "Høstmørke".

"Vinterskugge" consists of 3 separate recordings made between 1989 & 1993, and contains a whole multitude of styles, including doom, rock, folk, death, black & viking metal. "Vinterskugge" also demonstrated Fenriz's breadth of vocal styles, lending an epic edge to many of the tracks.

The album contains 3 chapters. The first, "Vanderen", features the most recent tracks, from 1993. The second part comprises of "Spectres Over Gorgoroth", an early Isengard recording from 1989, while chapter 3 features tracks from 1991, called "Horizons".

This edition of Vinterskugge is presented on double vinyl with gatefold sleeve including additional lyrics & previously unseen photos."

More from Peaceville; Selection of new reissues on CD and Restocks of some early MY DYING BRIDE, CANDLEMASS and KATATONIA on LP. More copies of the Metal Blade BOLT THROWER Vinyls; "Those Once Loyal", "Honour, Valour, Pride" & "Mercenary" so we gladly will be having these in stock for a while!

Also we have in stock the Vinyl Reissue of VULCANO's "Bloody Vengeance" which was released by Sweden's I HATE RECORDS in an edition of 500 copies.

Other mentions; "Die Hard Edition" of the AUTOPSY "Awakened by Gore" Collection, Vinyl issue of RENEGADE's "Total Armageddon & Demo" LP, used vinyl copies of albums by DARKTHRONE, MARDUK, BURZUM...

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