New Arrivals - September 9, 2011

New Arrivals from Europe, Canada and USA!

Iskra is back from tour, so the shop is open again.
Lots of stuff that we picked up for the store while on tour -

WAR ON MUSIC vinyl releases: Voivod, Gorguts, Cauldren, Sacrifice, Goat Horn + more

Cassette releases from Selfish Beings (Cambell River mincecore), Contagium (Halifax archaic crust), Violent Nun (Vancouver grindcrust) and Cetascean (Winnipeg dark d-beat crust).

US & European Imports - a pile of great vinyl from Chaos UK, Crude SS, Spazz, Nasum, Supermachiner, Poison Idea, Antisect, Doom, Anti-System, Defects, Bastards, Pink Turds in Space, SOB, Morbosidad, Conqueror, Demoncy... stuff like that

Full list this week when I have more time!

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