New Arrivals... Mid - Late June 2012

Quite a mix - this list is just for new records that we've recieved the past couple of weeks...
Lots of used records in too which won't be listed, from classic folk and rock to death and black metal. Also new releases from the bands which have toured through here recently: Skuff (Kamloops), Chestpain (Texas), Obacha (Squamish), Napalm Raid (Halifax)...

AC/DC – 74 Jailbreak LP
AC/DC – Flick of the Switch LP
AC/DC – For Those About to Rock LP
AC/DC – High Voltage LP
AC/DC – If You Want Blood LP
AC/DC – Live Double LP
AC/DC – Powerage LP
AC/DC – Who Made Who LP
Active Minds – Bury the Past.... Build the Future 7” EP
Agathocles – Kanpai LP - ltd 355, recorded in Japan
Agent Orange – Living in Darkness LP
Ash Borer – Demo LP
Audio Kollaps – Panzer LP
Audio Kollaps – Ultima Ratio LP
Bob Dylan – In Concert Brandeis University 1963 LP
Boris – First Demo LP
Boskops – Sol 12 LP
Brutal Truth – Goodbye Cruel World 3LP
Carcass – Demo 86/87 LP
Cattle Decapitation – Ten Torments Of teh Damned EP
Confuse – Hate War, No War, Fuckin' War Compilation LP
Crow / See You in Hell – Split EP
Crucifix – Dehumanization LP
Crude / Selfish Split EP
Descent To Hell – Our Cross to Bear LP
Destruction – Release From Agony LP (1988 Profile Records press, sealed with cutout)
Detestation – S/T LP
Dissent / Hellisheaven Split EP
Doom – Fuck Peaceville Double LP
Exit Condition – Bite Down Hard / Impact Time LP
Exit Condition – Days of Wild Skies LP
Exit Condition – H2SO4 LP
Fall of Efrafa – Owsla LP
Funeral Oration – The Godsent LP
Hoax – S/T EP
Iggy Pop – Zombie Birdhouse
Iron Lung – Sexless / No Sex Cassette
Isterismo / Kromosom Split EP
Jerry's Kids – Is This My World? LP
Johnny Cash – American II Unchained LP
Kylesa / Victims Split EP
Larm – Complete Campaign for Musical Destruction Double LP
Leonard Cohen – Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 Double LP
Leonard Cohen – Songs from the Road Double LP
Lou Reed – Rock n Roll Animal LP
Lou Reed – Transformer LP
Martyrdod – Sekt LP
Megadeth – Peace Sells... LP
Megadeth – Rust In Peace LP
Metal Duck – Auto Ducko Destructo Mondo LP, lim 300 – 1990 UK hardcore / thrash crossover
Metal Duck / Lawnmower Deth Split LP – Quack 'em All / Mower Liberation Front
Metallica – And Justice for All 4LP Box (45 RPM Remasters)
Metallica – Ride the Lightning Double LP (45 RPM Remaster)
Misfits – Collection LP
Misfits – Collection II LP
Misfits – Die Die My Darling LP
Misfits – Earth AD LP
Misfits – Evilive LP
Misfits – Land of the Dead LP
Misfits – Legacy of Brutality LP
Misfits – Static Age
Misfits – Twilight of the Dead LP
Motorhead – Ace of Spades LP
Motorhead – Another Perfect Day LP
MVD – War Species LP
Nails – S/T EP
Naked Aggression / All or Nothing HC – Bring Me The... LP
Napalm Death – Scum LP
Nemesis – Dou-Koku EP
New york Dolls – New York Dolls LP
Nightmare – Give Notice of Nightmare LP (1988-89 material, first EP & LP)
Nightmare – Refugee Of... EP
Nightmare – Scatterraw LP
Nirvana – Bleach – 20th Anniversary Edition Double LP
Noothgrush – Erode the Person LP
Oi Polloi – Duisg! LP
Parlamentarisk Sodomi – De Anarkistiske... Cassette
Parlamentarisk Sodomi – Har Du Sagt... Cassette
Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Blodsprut – Split EP
Peter Tosh – Equal Rights LP
Peter Tosh – Legalize It LP
Poison Idea – Blank Blackout Vacant LP
Poison Idea – Feel the Darkness LP
Poison Idea – Kings of Punk LP
Poison Idea – War All the Time LP
Post Regiment – Czarley Cassette
Ramones – End of The Century LP
Ramones – Leave Home LP
Ramones – Mania Double LP
Ramones – Ramones LP
Ramones – Road To Ruin LP
Ramones – Rocket to Russia LP
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Mother's Milk LP
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Red Hot Chili Peppers LP
Rednecks – Vision Of Mad EP
Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Blank Generation LP
Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Destiny Street LP
Saint Vitus – Born too Late LP
Saints – Prodigal Son LP
Schleimkeim – Schwarz Rot Gold EP
Skitsystem / Cyness Split EP
Slight Slappers – Vinyl Collection 1995 – 2001 Cassette
Sublime – Sublime Double LP
The System – Thought Control LP
Thou / Leech – Split LP
Thou / Leech – Cower LP
Tom Waits – One From the Heart LP
Tom Waits – Early Years Volume 1 LP
Tom Waits – Early Years Volume 2 LP
Toxoplasma – Demos 1981 / 82 LP
Treblinka – Helvettiin Ja Takaisin LP
Twisted Sister – Come out and Play LP
Unholy Grave – Revoltage Cassette
Unholy Grave / Tersanjung 13 – Split LP
Velvet Underground – Max's Kansas City LP
Victims – A Dissident LP
Wolfbrigade – Damned LP

Cheers - Lots of stuff in the mail - next posting will be black, thrash, death metal imports.

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