Black Raven Update for December 2012

After nearly a year at our new location, and nearly 5 years in total, it seems like time to put a quick update.

We've got many new orders on their way to Black Raven over the next few weeks; Loads of imports from the UK, Europe and USA. A little something for the winter months!

The Black Raven Records shop, for those unaware, is located near downtown Victoria BC in the Quadra Village. We have thousands of new and used records in the shop (including a couple hundred vinyls of classic rock, folk, blues, and other mixed genres); everything else in the store is from the netherworld and underbelly of punk and metal. Crust, hardcore and grind to black metal, death metal, thrash, drone, doom and all the bastard sub-genres in between... Quality vinyl reissues and originals from major and underground labels and distributions around the world, hand-selected, with the majority imported from overseas. Also, of course thousands of punk and metal CDs.

Black Raven also provides a small selection of books related to music and culture, contemporary poetry, anarchist practice and history and other books of subcultural relevance. Of course we also stock 'the other stuff'; hundreds of punk and metal shirts, studs, buttons/badges, patches, vinyl/LP cleaning systems, and DVDs

And now a bit of a visual update!

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