New Arrivals - July 15th 2011


Agathocles – Mincer
Agathocles / Kingterror Split 10”
Audio Kollaps – Ultima Ratio
Carcass - John Peel Session PLP
Consume - s/t
Cress - Greed Machine And The Money Tree 2xLP
Dekadent - Almost Complete Dekadent 2xLP
Demented Are Go - In Sickness And In Health
Electro Hippies - The Only Good Punk Is A Dead One
Excruciating Terror - Expression Of Pain
Fear - Paradise Studio 1978 Demo
From Ashes Rise - s/t
Gorilla Biscuits - Cats And Dogs
Grief - And Man Will Become The Hunted 2xLP
Gunmob/Pyramido - Split
Keitzer - As The World Burns
Mainstrike - No Passing Phase
Martyrdöd - Sekt
Misery - Production Thru Destruction
Mörser - 1st Class Suicide
Mörser - Pure Scum
Oi Polloi - Fight Back
Ratos De Porao - Descanse Em Par
Riistetyt - Hardcore Revival 1982-83
Riistetyt - Skitsofrenia
S.O.B. - Symphonies Of Brutality
Skarp - Bury The Dead
V.A. Hangover Heartattack
V.A. Holland Hardcore Vol. 1 - 2xLP
V.A. Holland Hardcore Vol. 2 - 2xLP
V.A. Holland Hardcore Vol. 3 - 2xLP
V.A. This Is Boston Not L.A.
Wasted Time - And So It Goes: The First Two EP's
Wasted Time – Futility
Willful Neglect -1st/Justice For No One
Youth Brigade - Sound & Fury


Ballast – Fuse
Behind Enemy Lines – Global Cannibal
Filth Of Mankind/Reactory/Katyusha – Live
From Ashes Rise – Discografie
Post Regiment – Czarzly
Viimeinen Kolonna - Aistien Juhlaa

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